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terms & conditions

1. The event is a self-guided tour organised by Pop Up Car Shows Ltd.

Three runs are organised and qualifying is as follows:

CLASSIC RUN – open to any production vehicle registered on or before 31st May 1984.

MODERN CLASSICS RUN - open to production vehicles registered from 1st June 1984 and 31st December 2004.

KIT & SPORTS - open to any kit or replica car which is road legal and any sports car registered after 31st December 2004.


2. Entries will be accepted from owners of vehicles conforming to these regulations.  An “Entrant” for the purpose of these Regulations, need not be a member of any motor club but must be the legal owner, or be appointed as the representative of, a museum, trust, collection or company having legal ownership of the vehicle. 


3. The driver shall be the person whose name appears on the Entry Form. No other person may drive on this event without permission.


4. Entries open with the publication of these Rules & Regulations, and close finally on Monday 1st May 2024.


5. Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, but the organisers reserve the right of selection to produce a balanced entry.


6. Entries will only be accepted if accompanied by the entry fee.


7. The entry fee for all vehicles is £130.00 (including non refundable booking fee and service charge). The entry fee is for the driver & navigator ONLY. Additional passenger tickets must be purchased in advance. These will cover entry to start venue, stopping point and any inclusive meals and refreshments. You do not have to stop at the stopping point.


8. If an entry is cancelled by the Entrant up to one calendar month before the event (i.e. 1st May 2024), the entry fee will be refunded, less a £35 administration charge. If entry is cancelled after this date no refunds will be made. If the event is forced to cancel due to Government restrictions entry fees will be refunded less the booking fee. 


9. The Start Point will be Brooklands Museum . Vehicles will leave at 30 second intervals starting at 08.00am. Start numbers and check-in times will be issued within 10 days of the run date with the entrants final instructions. Entrants who book early may indicate an early or late start time, but the Organisers cannot guarantee a specific time. BROOKLANDS MUSEUM IS A STRICTLY NO DOGS VENUE.


10. A comprehensive route book, which should be adhered to, will be issued at the Start Point. Enough time should be allocated for participants to study the route book prior to departure. Pop Up Car Shows Ltd accept no responsibility for last minute changes to the route published due to unforeseen circumstances.


11. The Finish will be Madeira Drive Brighton, where drivers will have their route book stamped on arrival.


12. Tender vehicles (i.e. transporters and trailers only, NOT private cars) should only be used if absolutely necessary.  Any tender observed travelling less than 100 yards behind ANY entry may result in its own entry being excluded from the following year’s event.  Each tender vehicle must display an official “Tender” vehicle pass which will be issued with the Final Instructions upon written request.  Tender vehicles parking will be available at both start and finish points and in a designated area. Brooklands Museum do not allow parking for any support vehicles after midday on 2nd June 2024 and you will have to make alternative arrangements if you are not taking the support vehicle down to Brighton. Drivers and passengers of tender vehicles will not be permitted free entry to the stopping points and their vehicles will not be admitted to any special parking area for Run participants.


13. All Entrants will receive a commemorative rally plate for their participating vehicle.  This plate will be numbered and MUST be affixed to the front of the vehicle prior to starting the Run. All entrants participating will receive one Certificate of Participation in the name of the Driver.  All Entrants will also receive one commemorative solid brass rally plaque (horse brass type). Additional plaques can be purchased for which there is a charge (subject to availability). 


14. Entry vehicles must hold a valid and current road licence/tax were applicable, a current MOT Certificate, if required, and carry appropriate insurance to cover the driver, the vehicle and the use of the vehicle for the event on the date of the event.  Participants should be aware that they are responsible for the driving conduct of their vehicle at all times and must undertake to observe the Road Traffic Acts in all respects at all times on both public highway and private property.


15. Please note that for public safety there is a speed limit of 5 mph at Brooklands Museum, the stopping point and Madeira Drive.


16. Overtaking on public roads IS allowed in accordance with the Road Traffic Acts. The London to Brighton Run is a ‘Touring Assembly; organised by Pop Up Car Shows Ltd


17. All details correct at time of going to print. The Organisers reserve the right to make changes if circumstances so dictate.


18. Photographs taken by Pop Up Car Shows Ltd may be used for marketing purposes and on our website. Permission is not required by law and and we are not always able to contact each individual owner. If you are unhappy regarding any photographs being used please contact the office.

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